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Latest News:


Welcome to our new website:

Update: 30th July 2013

Due to the recent expansion of our team, please check out the "our people" section of the website and the new “skills matrix” which shows the particular skills of each Associate.



Current / On-going initiatives:

Update: 22nd July 2013

RA is currently involved in the following on-going projects:

  • Assisting a Bolton–base precast concrete manufacturer to gain certification to ISO 14001 (phase 1 audit due August, 2013).
  • Assisting a clay quarry owner in Cannock to gain independent certification to ISO 14001 (phase 1 audit due September, 2013).
  • On-going support to BPCF in carrying out annual Sustainability Charter audits to some 40 No companies each year.
  • On-going support to BPCF in collecting and analysing KPI data from their members.
  • Assisting BPCF members in keeping up-to-date with current Environmental legislation.
  • Assisting the Precast Flooring Federation (PFF) with their safe code of practice on installation and stressing of concrete floor units.



RA helps The Happy Africa Foundation (THAF) with the “Raise a Roof for Karuri” project in Kenya:

Update: 15th July 2013

During a 4 week visit to a small clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, by Kathy Richards, in September 2012, as part of a voluntary initiative as a midwife, Kathy agreed to raise £10,000 to help improve the medical facilities at a small deprived clinic in Karuri. Since then, RA have been actively supporting this charity and one of the key initiatives involved Glenn Rowe (H&S Associate) spending an epic 7 days climbing Mount Kilimanjaro; and on a smaller scale, Norman + Kathy Richards participating in a sprint triathlon. With the support of colleagues and friends in the concrete industry, we raised over £2,500 towards the target and we are pleased to report that combined with many other fund-raising activities throughout 2013, the target has not only been achieved, but exceeded by some £5,000. The photos below show that the roof has been added to the building and tiling of the inside floor is now underway.



RA helped leading Leeds-based concrete road-barrier company gain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification:

Update: 5th July 2013

Following RA providing assistance to the company in 2011 / 2012 to help them gain certification to the Achilles – Building Confidence scheme, the company decided to develop and implement quality and environmental management systems to help improve their position within the road-barrier industry. This resulted in the company gaining independent certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in June 2013. The company is now actively considering gaining certification to the H&S standard, OHSAS 18001 in 2013 / 2014.



RA welcomes three new Associates

Update: 1st July 2013

RA are very pleased to welcome three new Associates to the team. Colin Marshall has a wealth of experience in the concrete industry with specialities in Quality management, Responsible Sourcing of Materials and Technical Reporting; Paul Slater joins the team with considerable experience on Environmental Management Systems and Sustainability Reporting and Marie Dalgaard, recently gained an MSc in Water Resources Technology and Management from the University of Birmingham, and adds knowledge and expertise to the team in the field of water efficiency, treatment and recycling etc. Please refer to the new “Skills Matrix” and “About Us” for further details.



RA heavily involved with CERAM, in the Precast Concrete Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP):

Update: June, 2013

The British Precast Concrete Federation (BPCF) were successful in gaining WRAP funding, late in 2012, to have a Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP) conducted for the precast concrete manufacturing sector. The principle consultancy appointed to head up the project was CERAM and RA were appointed to provide technical support to CERAM, with regards to key Performance Indicator (KPI) data analysis, best-practice case study review, target setting and process flow charting. The project is nearing to completions and the final REAP report is in the final stages of drafting, with the intention of being launched in the autumn 2013.

Due to the specialised skills of RA, needed to produce process flow charts for the different product sectors of the concrete industry, RA were also commissioned by CERAM to produce similar charts for the clay brick industry (see below for typical examples).



RA helps a growing number of companies with certification to the Responsible Sourcing of Materials standard – BES 6001:

Update: May, 2013

Concrete product manufacturers are under growing pressure to gain certification to BES 6001 and also to gain as high a rating as possible under the scheme. Over recent years, RA has helped a number of companies to implement management systems to help them in the certification process and in a growing number of cases, have been able to carry out independent data verification of KPIs, such as Energy, Waste, Water, Training and Community Liaison issues, in order to help the companies achieve higher ratings under the BES 6001 scheme.

RA are currently working with five leading manufacturers with data verification, to help ensure they maintain their “Very Good” status.



RA help a number of companies to register their operations with a Packaging Compliance Scheme and submit packaging data:

Update: April, 2013

Via their involvement with collecting and analysing KPI data from members of the BPCF, RA were approached by a number of small concrete manufacturing companies to help with registration with a Packaging compliance scheme, due to them using increased tonnage of packaging materials. The companies were successfully registered with the Wastepack Compliance scheme and on-going assistance will be provided to help them collate their annual packaging data submissions.



RA helps Nuneaton based concrete flooring manufacture gain Local Authority approval for their new concrete batching plant:

Update: October, 2012

RA were commissioned in early 2012 to help the company gain a Local Authority (LA) permit to install and operate a new concrete batching plant. Members of the RA team were involved in producing site drainage and general layout plans to assist with the LA application process and also to help gain a discharge consent from the local water company. All necessary permits were obtained and the batching plant was commissioned in October 2012.


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