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Responsible Sourcing of Materials - BES 6001

In recent months, RA have received an increasing number of requests for information from manufacturers, on the subject of Responsible Sourcing of Materials and Sustainability credentials. It is becoming obvious that these issues are becoming a “must-have”, in tender documents, rather than “nice -to-have” credentials.


Architects, contractors and specifiers alike, are demanding that the materials used in their projects have minimum standards with regards to Quality, Environment, H&S and Sustainability and a convenient way of bringing all these requirements together is to specify that the material supplier is independently certified to BES 6001 by a UKAS accredited certification body.


We have also noted a growing tendency for the specification to also demand a certain pass rate. You may be aware that companies can be certified to BES 6001 by achieving a “Pass”, “Good”, “Very Good” and “Excellent” rating, the level of achievement depending on not only meeting certain mandatory requirements, but also by demonstrating compliance with a range of voluntary options.


We see this trend having a “knock-on” effect to manufacturers deciding whether to implement other management systems. For instance, if a company wants to achieve a “Very Good” rating to BES 6001, they must, amongst other criteria, have a UKAS certified Environmental Management System (e.g. ISO 14001) in place. If they need to achieve an “Excellent” rating, they will additionally require a UKAS certified H&S Management System (e.g. OHSAS 18001) in place.


It is clear that achieving these higher pass rates offers the architect etc a tangible advantage when it comes to achieving ratings under BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes assessments and hence this requirement is likely to grow in future.


Having originally sat on the committees that helped draft BES 6001 and produce the Guidance documents to help members of the concrete industry meet the standard, members of RA have since helped a number of companies achieve certification to “Very Good” levels to this standard.


We are therefore ideally qualified to help your company develop and implement the necessary policies and procedures needed to gain certification to BES 6001.


Depending on your knowledge, experience and resource availability, we are able to offer the following services:

  • Introductory awareness sessions to bring you and your team up to speed on BES 6001.
  • On-going training / tool-box talks to improve employee understanding on the subject.
  • Pre-certification assessments to highlight the gaps in your existing systems that will need attending to in order to achieve specified pass rates.
  • The development of policies and procedures needed to meet the detailed requirements of BES 6001.
  • Assistance with data capture and reporting of KPI to help demonstrate on-going monitoring of performance and compliance with the standard.
  • Guidance on Objectives and Target setting.
  • Advice on Sustainability reporting (paper-based and electronically etc).
  • A complete service of taking your company through the BES 6001 process, including being present at the independent certification audit.
  • On-going support to help you maintain your BES 6001 credentials.

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